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Social Innovation for Cosmopolitan Cities


Noha is pleased to announce she has signed a book deal. She is the author of the upcoming book on Social Innovation in Cosmopolitan Cities. She has secured a publisher and the Foreword will be written by a New York Times Top Ten Best Selling author.

The book is for people who want to learn about the latest social innovations transforming people’s lives and neighbourhoods in ways that build community and conviviality across cultural boundaries. When you have read this book you will understand:

• What challenges cosmopolitan cities face to prevent segregation and conflict
• What the community needs, dissatisfactions and blockages to social cohesion are at street level
• Some of the latest ideas in tackling segregation and conflict in neighbourhoods by people, organisations and the state
• What worked in a number of international success stories
• New future possibilities for social innovation in cosmopolitan cities

The book will offer city leaders/governors ideas and models to adopt, as well as empower local people to make changes in their neighbourhoods themselves.

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