Welcome to Mela

MELA's mission is to bridge cultures through the creative design and use of public meeting places.

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Welcome to MELA, a social innovation enterprise for social cohesion. We put cultural diversity at the heart of ‘Places’.

Our expertise is in engaging with culturally diverse communities in creative ways to empower change, leadership, and collaboration in the co-design of public spaces and inclusive ‘Place’ identities. We work with Places to overcome barriers to co-existence and to celebrate diversity through:

Thought leadership and research

Collaborative Design

Intercultural Strategy or Masterplanning

Community Building

We live in increasingly culturally-diverse cosmopolitan cities. Cultural identity plays an important role in the image and functioning of streets, public spaces and neighbourhoods. MELA works alongside people to creatively co-design community-based solutions to the harmonious and democratic sharing of public spaces by people of all backgrounds.

Our mission is to bridge between communities across all generational, cultural, religious, social and economical divides to share creatively in shaping a safe, resilient, and convivial place together. MELA is a Sanskrit word for gathering and festival. Melas are joyful occasions for bringing people together and represents what this social enterprise stands for.

We work with built environment professionals, the Police, Local Authorities, Schools, Housing Associations and Urban Developers and other public, private and third sector organisations to strengthen community cohesion.


On Sunday April 22nd MELA will be closing down the Moseley Road in Birmingham for the ‘We Are Balsall Heath’ Street Festival – the launch of MELA’s ‘We Are’ neighbourhood campaigns designed to use public space to bring people together to enjoy artist performances, market stalls, heritage tours, and food as a way to build stronger neighbourliness and social cohesion. Please do come along from 11am to 4pm.


To watch films about MELA and our projects visit our YouTube channel