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MELA invited to speak about Neighbourliness and Inclusion at Urban Design Group Event

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Noha is pleased to be speaking on Neighbourliness and Social Inclusion in this much needed event run by the UDG on Tackling the (Professional) Silos in Place Making on Wednesday 5th June 18:15-20:15, The Gallery, 70 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EJ. Please come along!
“Everyone is a specialist whose aim is not primarily to achieve the end-product’ Ian Nairn, “Outrage”, Architectural Review, June 1955
Over 60 years after the publication of Ian Nairn’s famous “Outrage”, the planning, design and engineering of towns and cities continues to be beset by the difficulty in getting specialists to go beyond their own professional boundaries, to take responsibility for the overall success of new and existing development.
The objective of this event is to discuss how to move united towards on issues such as climate change, human rights and equality.
Attend this event to hear views of expert speakers, and to add your own experiences of the challenges, and your ideas for improvement.
The Programme includes the following speakers:
Raj Rooprai, Brenda Peuch, Rachel Toms, Loretta von der Tann, Alan Stones, Katja Stille, John Dales, Paul Shaffer, Jim Smith, and Liz Reynolds.


6.15  Introduction

6.20  Expert Panel Presentations – 4 minutes each



Global Urban Design Framework

Raj Rooprai



Mobility and inclusion

Brenda Peuch


Neighbourliness and social inclusion

Noha Nasser, Mela


Public Health

Rachel Toms, Public Health England



Systems thinking

Loretta von der Tann, UCL




Strategic Urban Design & Skills

Alan Stones



Katja Stille, Tibbalds Planning and Design


Places, Streets and Movement

John Dales, Urban Movement


SuDS & Water Sensitive Urban Design

Paul Shaffer, CIRIA (Construction Information Research and Information Association)



Jim Smith, Trees and Design Action Group, & Forestry Commission


Using the space under our towns and cities

Liz Reynolds, URBEN and Think Deep UK

7.20  Workshop session

Are there common objectives for towns and cities?

What are the main barriers?

What needs to be done to overcome them?

Specifically, what can professionals do?

8.00  Feedback

8.15  Close



The objective of this event is to discuss how to move towards a system for the planning, design, engineering and management of towns and cities that works well together, and works consistently towards high level objectives, such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, central government policies and statutory duties on issues such as climate change, human rights and equality.

  • How can technical standards be drawn up so that they don’t conflict with each other or block high-level policies, visions, and masterplans?
  • How can urgent objectives for improving public health, or adapting to and preventing climate change be translated into action?
  • How can decision making by different sections of public authorities be made consistent?
  • What funding systems are needed to encourage great design and liveability?
  • How can local authorities be encouraged to make the essential updates to their guidance and standards necessary to align with current central government policies and statutory duties?
  • How can professionals be provided with a work environment that gives them the freedom to deliver up-to-date best practice that puts people first?
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