Noha Nasser’s publications

Redefining heritage and identity in conservation (2007) Context, Vol 102, pp 20-22
South Asian Muslims in Britain: identity in architecture and urbanism (2005) Journal of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations Vol 16 (1), pp. 61-78.
Southall’s Kaleido-scape: A study in the changing morphology of a west London suburb in special issue: The Cosmopolis: emerging multicultural spaces in Europe and North America (2004) Built Environment. Vol 3 (1) pp. 76-103
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Guest Editor special issue: Islam and Built Form: Studies in Regional Diversity (2002). Built Environment. Vol 28 (3).
Guest Editor special issue: The Cosmopolis: emerging multicultural spaces in Europe and North America (2004) Built Environment . Vol 30(1).
Co-editor with Gavin Wade As Big As A House: the work of Richard Woods, Article Press, Birmingham (March 2006)

Urban Design in Egypt (forthcoming) in (ed) Loew, S. Urban Design: a Global Review. RIBA press.
Islam in Contemporary Urban Britain – Building for and with multiculturalism (2011) in (eds.) Jaeckle, J and F. Turetken, Faith in the City, The Architecture Foundation, London, pp 7-9.
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Identity of a city: cultural diversity and sense of place (2006) in Jasia MacArdle (commissioner) Cultural Mapping catalogue, Public Art Leicester, Leicester City Council
South Asian Ethnoscapes: The Changing Landscapes of
British Cities (2005) In Shakur, T. (ed) Cities in Transition: Transforming the Global Built Environment. Open House Press, UK, pp42-57.

Is UK planning a barrier to the post-carbon city? Lessons from Cairo. Paper presented to International Seminar on Urban Form (ISUF), Montreal, August 2011.
Theatricality and the Adorning of the City for the 2012 Games: the case of the Royal Borough of Greenwich paper presented to the conference Olympics and The City, Greenwich University, June 2011.
The Role of Memory in the Construction of an Islamist utopian Identity in the UK. Paper published in Traditional dwellings and Settlements Working Paper Series and presented at IASTE conference in Beirut, December 2010.
European Post-colonial Cityscapes: ‘Tradition’ as a symbolic aestheticization of cultural legitimacy in Southall, London Paper presented at IASTE conference in Sharjah/Dubai, December 2004.
Cairo: ville cree en Islam? A reinterpretation of an Islamic urban paradigm. Paper to presented and published in proceedings of the International Seminar on Urban Form (ISUF), Trani, July 2003.
Can Traditional Urban Design Principles be reconciled with the Contemporary Needs for sustainable Urban regeneration? (2002) Paper presented to international Conference on ‘Conservation and regeneration of traditional urban centres in the Islamic World’ , Amman, Jordan, January 2002.
Adaptation of space as expression of cultural identity: South Asian Muslim neighbourhoods in Britain. Paper presented and published in working paper of IASTE, Hong Kong, December, 2002.
A Reinterpretation of Municipal Organisation in Islam (2001). Paper presented at the 5th Nordic Society Conference on Middle Eastern Studies, ‘The Middle East: Interpreting the Past’, Lund, October 2001.
A Study in Islamic Urban Morphology: The Case of Cairo (2001). Paper presented and published in proceedings of the International Seminar on Urban Form (ISUF), Cincinnati, September 2001.
Continuity and Consistency in Urban Regeneration Policies of the Historic part of Cairo (2000). Paper presented at the Sri Lankan Millennium Conference on ‘Cities and Sustainability – sustaining our cultural heritage’. Sri Lanka, February, 2000.
The Elite – the dynamic urban developers in Islam (1999). Paper presented and published in proceedings of the International Conference on ‘Islamic Art, Culture and Civilisation’, London, April, 1999.
The vital Role the Islamic Endowment Institution (‘Waqf’) Played in the Public Domain of Islamic Cities, past and present (1999). Paper presented and abstract published in proceedings of conference on ‘Planning futures: future’s planning’, Sheffield, March, 1999.

British-Indian Urban Exchanges: prototypes for sustainable neighbourhoods (2011) in Urban Design Quarterly, pp. 33-35.
Community-centred urban design skills to meet the skills gap (2008), CABE Urban Design Summer School website;
Arts Practice: a fresh approach to urban design and the making of ‘place’ (2008), New Start.

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