Our Skills

We bring a broad range of disciplines and methods to understanding cultural diversity and public spaces including urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, anthropology, ethnography, community building, creative arts, film making, cultural planning, conflict mediation, and regeneration and housing. These unique skills-sets allow MELA to support clients in an in-depth, holistic, and transformative manner.

What we can do:
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Community engagement, conflict mediation and facilitation
To provide support to key organisations and institutions such as the Local Authorities, Schools, Housing Associations, the Police, and Urban Developers and other public, third and private sector organisations to strengthen community cohesion and positive cultural identities in their plans and in existing situations.

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Training and education
To support communities and professionals in understanding cultural diversity, change, collaboration and leadership in contexts such as Neighbourhood Planning, urban regeneration, and existing localities.

Research on community cohesion
To research the causes, processes, and outcomes of community cohesion in a particular place and to share innovative tools and methods for strengthening the role of public space in bringing people together.

Design Solutions
To provide co-produced ideas by communities to re-activate pro-social, positive use of public space for health and well-being.