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MELAssociates first networking meeting 7 May a huge success

IMG_1972 MELAssociates agree that MELA’s commitment is to be a catalyst for positive change in culturally-diverse neighbourhoods to bring people together across all cultures for peaceful, enjoyable, creative, celebratory, and friendly co-existence, with a deep-rooted sense of belonging

IMG_1945 MELA’s 3 year vision is to have successfully worked in 30 neighbourhood projects in the UK and in Holland, France, and Israel testing socially innovative ways to create social cohesion and inclusive public spaces

IMG_1967 MELA to have done research for 10 clients on social innovation

IMG_1931 MELA to be an award winning social enterprise

IMG_1925 MELAssociates to have co-produced ten joint publications on the success stories of social innovation

IMG_1922 For neighbours, communities, city governors, managers and commissioners of public space to have measurably experienced the benefits and sustainability of MELA’s social innovations

IMG_1915 To be MELAmbassadors by pledging support

IMG_1907 For MELAssociates to use their collaborative and multi-disciplinary ideas to creating social innovations

IMG_1903 For MELAssociates to influence people, places and policy

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