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MELA holds its first Creative workshop for the Big Heart Balsall Heath Project

MELA Social Enterprise’s Big Heart Balsall Heath project aims to bring the Moseley Road to life on Sunday October 8th. We are bringing the diverse people of Balsall Heath together to enjoy the delights and colour of their very own intercultural market. Artists are working with local organisations to ensure the event is a day to remember. We ran our first creative workshop where emerging and diverse artists mingled and exchanged ideas with the Moseley Road organisations. Each organisation will put on its own display representing its identity and that of its users. Interspersed amongst those displays will be artistic works responsive to the unique socially diverse context of Balsall Heath.

We are grateful to the funders, Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery.


School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09130 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09137 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09141 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09144 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09146 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09154 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09157 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09158 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09171 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09178 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09181 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09190 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09192 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09196 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09198 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09200 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09202 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09204 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09208 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09209 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09213 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09219 School_of_Art_Mela_Workshop-09221

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